‘Wouldn’t take nothing for this journey now’

Dear Church Families,

Our team is about to board a flight from Port-au-Prince to Washington Dulles via Miami. We’ll be home Thursday just after midnight. We have shared and received showers of blessings for the past 12 days. Just ask us about our trip when you see us at church!

Many thanks to our awesome God for our team leader extraordinaire, Mark Bradley. He’s bringing us all home safe and sound after a productive 12 days of construction and VBS. In the words of Maya Angelou, “We wouldn’t take nothing for this journey now.”


Pam Jones


Wednesday, Feb. 28

It’s a wrap! Last roundup. the team has arrived at the airport in Port-au-Prince.

A view of Port-au-Prince and the Caribbean Sea from an overlook outside of Port-au-Prince. Beautiful!

Tap. Tap. Port-au-Prince Uber.

Tuesday, Feb. 27, last night in Haiti

We spent our last night in Haiti at the Methodist compound in Port-au-Prince. The compound provides dormitory-style rooms and meals for missionaries who are passing through Port-au-Prince and working in Haiti.

It is quite a large facility. There are buildings for adult education, a K-12 school for 1,600 children, a vocational school, several homes for pastors and a church. The offices for the Methodist bishop of Haiti are also on the grounds.

Lottery ticket booths can be found even in the countryside.

Port-au-Prince and the Caribbean Sea.

Hillside homes in Port-au-Prince.

Street vendors working hard for a living.

– Pam Jones

Monday, Feb. 26 – Hard at work!

More sand and gravel going up top to make concrete to pour into the corners of the walls to hold the walls together.

Move it, Rogerson! Why are you looking so hot? It’s only 90 degrees and humid with a 50-pound load.

Holding up that wall, John Keegan? Get to work!

Three rooms are really taking shape now. The bucket brigade continues.

Mark Bradley, do you know you’re three stories up?

The team, Haitian workers and Pastor Jacob at the conclusion of the project.

– Pam Jones