We’ve arrived!

From the very start yesterday, we have been blessed. We walked right up to the counter at Dulles, and no one was in line! Both flights were uneventful. Plenty of time between flights for connections. All luggage came through, no problems with TSA, Customs, Immigration, etc. Pastor Jacob and both interpreters were waiting for us when we arrived. 

This year’s team members are: Mark Bradley, Dale Ruhter, John Rogerson, John Keegan, Dawn Perez, Pam Jones, Jesse Atkinson, Kevin Laffoon, Kathy Laffoon and Richard Wright.

We drove four hours to the guest house, but we were in an air-conditioned travel bus with just one pit stop along the way. When we got to the guest house, the pastor’s wife had a massive meal prepared, so we ate like kings and queens at midnight, then went to sleep.

We are really suffering so far…all 10 of us woke this morning refreshed, had a great breakfast with lots of Haitian coffee and ginger tea, and are ready for whatever the day brings.

– Mark Bradley


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