Saturday, Feb. 17

Saturday was interesting. We were able to unpack and get settled into our new home. The ladies are in one room, which has a bathroom attached. The men are spread out in three rooms. All of the rooms are spacious and have a fan to move the air.

We got a chance to see Les Cayes after lunch. It is a pretty big town! Wasn’t expecting it to be quite that large.

We went to the church in the town where we will be working. This is an inner city church and is the only Methodist Church in town. They are a growing church and don’t have enough Sunday school rooms for their children. Our job will be to help them build more Sunday school rooms.

Now that we have seen our new surroundings, we are able to plan our VBS and work teams.

Les Cayes is on the very bottom tip of the country. We drove along one stretch of road where you could see the ocean. This beach was very cluttered, but the water looked great. We hope to be able to see more later.

Saturday evening was devotion time, led by the Reverend John Rogerson, who delivered a very interesting message. The rest of the evening was spent visiting with each other.

– Mark Bradley


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