Wednesday, Feb. 21

Today was a beautiful day in Les Cayes. We’re up at 5 or 6 a.m. daily.  Breakfast at 7, and then off to work we go. Today was another day of sifting and carrying sand, carrying cinderblocks, and pulling the sand,  cinderblock and water in buckets two stories up by rope. The cement is mixed on the floor of the second story. Many of our Haitian brothers know their way around a construction site. They are such hard workers, and we are enjoying working along side them. A lot of progress was made today on the three-classroom Sunday school addition at the church. The exterior walls are going up and the footprint of the three classrooms is becoming obvious.

Dawn, Kathy and Pam are starting to decorate the church for Vacation Bible School which will be held on Friday and Saturday.  We’re preparing for 450 children! We hope and pray to have that many participants.

I had such a blessing today. I was invited into three classrooms of the school that is onsite at the church. The school has students from first grade through high school. There is so much to learn from these happy, joy-filled, smiling young ones, many of whom have so little. They are an inspiration and humble me to my core. It’s such a blessing to spend time with these beautiful children of God.

We are all doing fine. Two of our team members were down for a day with a stomach bug, but they were back at work today. Praise God.

Please remember us in your prayers. We have many stories to tell when we get home.

Lenten blessings,

– Pam Jones

Walls are going up. Amazing progress so far. You can see the form of the two rooms.

And getting ready for Vacation Bible School…


2 thoughts on “Wednesday, Feb. 21

  1. Keeping the entire Team in prayer for safety, good health, strength and endurance as you reflect God’s love for the Haitian people, especially the VBS children. God Bless you all . . . . . .

    Steve <


  2. Praying for the success of VBS and for the health and strength of each member of the team. May joy be shown on each child’s face. Lavinia


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