Thursday, Feb 22, Part 1

And the work goes on!  At this point, the daily work is repetitive. Sifting and carrying sand and block, making mortar and sending all of the above, plus water in buckets, up to the second floor. The layers of block continue to rise, taking more and more the shape of rooms with walls.

Our first day of Bible School will begin tomorrow! The church is decorated, and we are ready to greet the children tomorrow. We spent tonight organizing all of the materials for tomorrow. We will do a lot of singing, followed by a Bible lesson about the Parable of the Good Shepherd, prayers and activity time. The children will play jump rope, sack race, bean bag toss, parachutes, three-legged race and go to a music center for singing and dancing. After activity time, we will provide food for the children. May God continue to bless our work as we serve in His name and to His glory here in Les Cayes.

– Pam Jones

Dawn and Pam sifting sand with Job, one of our interpreters.


Another one of our interpreters, Joseph, helping with preparations for Bible School.


Two of our helpers on the job site, and two children headed home after school with Dad.



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