Monday, Feb. 26

Mixing mortar on the ground.

An office at the church for Pastor Jacob is under construction.

Our new friend Wilson.

Filling the corner room supports with concrete.

Consultation with Mark, Dale and Dawn.

Home we go.


Scenes in Haiti

Mark, Jesse and Job (our interpreter) at the pastor’s residence (aka guest house).

The mission team enjoying a moment outside the guest house.

Across from the church.

This is a picture of three piles on the street in front of the church. Top center is trash. As there is no  garbage collection, we don’t know what will happen to it. Far left is a sand pile that is sifted to refine the sand in order to make mortar. The pile on the bottom is gravel shifted out of the sand. Notice the woman going to work in the back ground.

Pam Jones is blending in with the children as they enter the church grounds for school. (She is the one in blue).

– Dawn Perez

Vacation Bible School, Feb. 23, 24


Vacation Bible School was an amazing experience for the children. This year’s theme was the story of the Good Shepherd. Each child was given a picture of a lamb. The children were entertained by our team playing the parts of sheep (John, Jesse, Kathy and Dawn), a shepherd (Joseph) and the the wolf (Mark Bradley). The team also helped serve meals to the 350 children who attended VBS.

Thursday, Feb. 22, Part 2

It has been another great day with a lot of sweat and accomplishments! The VBS decorations have transformed the inside of the church, and we are looking forward to the tomorrow’s Day 1 of VBS for 300-500 children!!! 😜 All we know is that literally anything could happen, and assuredly we will have a blast!

– Dawn Perez

 Pam making friends with Molilued (aka, the church lady) and Job, our interpreter.

Kevin working really hard to return to the sand pile after delivering sifted sand so that the rooftop workers can make concrete with it.

View from the third floor looking down at the piles.

John Rogerson is getting read to wheel more sand!

We just met this little one. She is in school uniform, bows and all! Dale and Mark are working on the third floor addition. The outside walls, interior walls, window cutouts and door openings are taking form!